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Meet Eben Pagan Millionaire Entrepreneur – Mentor

Eben Pagan’s latest program “Accelerate” is unfortunately closed to new registrations but you can find out what Eben will have next for us by subscribing here. The video below was a sneak peak of one of Eben’s trainings. We’re sure Eben will have more for us soon so don’t forget to get your details in that subscribe box when it pops up. If you missed it just hit the refresh button and we’ll bring it back for you.

Eben Pagan, Master Marketer, Entrepreneur and Business Trainer to many online marketing stars is about to critique 37 REAL websites. Learn what works and what doesn’t and gain some invaluable free information you can quickly apply to Your website and business.

This video is really a complete lesson in increasing conversion, and includes:

  • An explanation of what marketing is, including the two major “schools” of marketing (hint: one of these approaches is almost a complete waste of money, and it’s the one that almost everyone uses)
  • The three questions that you must answer for your customer within the first 3 seconds that they are on your website – or they are GONE
  • Why you’re not competing with who you think you are anymore – and how the “big guns” are using this knowledge to grab attention and turn it into sales and income.
  • The two most persuasive “stealth” marketing campaigns in history – and how you can use their common secret to put customers in a “buying” mindset before you even make an offer.::: Spot The Mistake, Win A MacBook Pro :::Eben gets tricky as well, and he put a “hidden mistake” in this video. If you can spot it, and send him an email, you can win a brand new MacBook Pro. Anyone can win, so go watch this video now – and then email him if you can spot the mistake (just opt-in to see it free):

37 Websites Analyzed

Again: This information will show you IMMEDIATELY how to improve your website. It’s worth watching right now.

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